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Efficiency With Water Damage Cleanup in Greenville County

With the recent pandemic of Covid-19, many people are staying indoors. Working from home has become a normal thing, restaurants have shut down, and schools have gone online. While there are some benefits from being home, there are problems that can occur from this as well. Because the number of hours spent in the home […]

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Flooring And Water Damage Restoration

Picking out flooring for your new home is a difficult, and costly, process.  Some statistics show that in Anderson County, hardwood floors can cost anywhere from $8,500 to over $11,000 per room.  Flooring is one of the most important aspects of a new home, so it is never a good sign when there’s evidence of […]

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Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage cleanup is an extensive process. If your home has received water damage, you are going to have a lot to deal with. Before trying to tackle water damage cleanup in your home on your own, you should be aware of all the benefits that come with working with a restoration team in Greenville […]

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Water Damage Cleanup After A Toilet Overflows

When a toilet in a home or business overflows, the water doesn’t stay in one spot. Typically, the water will run across the bathroom floor and can affect carpeting in the next room. It will also soak into the floorboards and walls. Depending on how bad the overflow is, this type of water disaster could […]

How To Keep Employees Safe As They Return To Work Post Covid-19

In the coming weeks, the inevitable is going to happen, things are going to get worse before they get better. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. There are millions of employees working from home currently, and they are going to trust that employers have properly sanitized the workplace upon their return. As […]

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Greenville County Water Damage From Spring Rain

eAs the temperatures begin to rise, the rain continues to fall in South Carolina. And while our trees and flowers rejoice, your home may not. This is a vulnerable time of the year for water damage. Here are some areas to check on now, while you have time to make plans for water damage cleanup […]

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Fire Damage Cleanup – Common Causes Of House Fires In Greenville

If your home in Greenville suffers from a fire, the aftermath can be devastating. Since fires can start at any time, and from a number of causes, it is important to know the most common causes of house fires and what you can do to take precautions in your home and for your family. At […]

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Tips For A Successful Fire Damage Cleanup Process In Greenville

One of the hardest parts about fire damage cleanuyp is deciding what you can salvage and what you must throw away. For your safety, resist the pull to economize. While some of these decisions can be made according to the owner’s discretion, there are some hard and fast rules that should be observed regarding the […]

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Leaky Windows – Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Hurricanes and freak rain storms always make the news cycle. Dramatic scenes of trash dumpsters floating down the streets and huge trees blocking the roads are shocking. However, you are much more likely to suffer water damage in your Simpsonville home from simple leaky windows.  Water intrusion from a window leak can cause major damage […]

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Keep Your Greenville Home Safe From Fire Damage

Greenville winters can have some chilly days and cold nights. Constantly heating the entire house can put a strain on your budget. Often, focusing on heating the bedrooms at night can be a reasonable alternative. But is it safe? Space heaters are responsible for 79% of deadly home heating fires, according to the National Fire […]