“Small” Fire Cleanup- When Do You Need To Call The Damage Professionals?

fire damage cleanup greenville, fire damage restoration greenville, fire damage greenvilleA house fire is every homeowners’ nightmare. After the initial shock and dangerous situation, you still face an uphill battle back to “normal.” Fire damage cleanup is a multi-step, challenging process that often includes addressing water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage. Depending on the severity of the fire and the heat of the blaze, it is also possible that the home also has structural damage. You may need to have an emergency board up services to protect it from the outside elements, theft, or vandalism. 

Fire damage cleanup  involves clearing debris, removing any standing water and resolving water damage. Secondarily, additional processes are needed to remove  the smoke particles and soot accumulated in the home and vents to eradicate the smell of smoke and ensure the air quality in the home is safe. 

Finally, removing and replacing damaged contents and building materials will be the bulk of the labor. All of these cleanup efforts will take significant amounts of time, effort, and expertise. This requires an understanding of the health and safety risks involved. Remember that you do not have to tackle the cleanup alone.

Restoration companies like Premier Construction have experience in fire damage to guide and help you through the process. Is your project large enough to need a team to manage the most difficult and dangerous parts of the cleanup?  

If The Area Is Less Than a Full Wall…

Sometimes, a candle or small fire leaves light, cosmetic damage to a small area.  To remove soot and smoke stains from a portion of a wall, furniture or the floor, you can put down some tarps and begin cleaning. Use a cup of mild detergent;  add 4 to 6 tbsp. tri-sodium phosphate into a gallon of warm water. Wear rubber gloves. Be sure to rinse surfaces with clear warm water and dry thoroughly. 

If the area is larger than you can clean (and clean up the cleaning supplies) in a few hours, you should call Premier Construction. Let the team come in a make quick work of the mess, 

Securing the Property 

Another layer of fire damage is the danger that your now exposed home faces. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the damage of the fire. However,  after the fire is out, further damage or theft that results from the home not being secured may not be covered. Therefore, most insurance policies require you to ensure your home is properly secured from the elements and from other people.

You need to put security measures into place. A restoration company can be an invaluable help in this regard and your insurance company can authorize them to do the work needs, such as boarding up doors and windows and other openings with plywood, or putting tarps over any holes on the roof.

You can also contact your local police department and tell them that you will be away from your home so they can be aware of the extra risks your property may face.

Any Size Fire Is Emotional!

Right now you face not only a mess, but also your emotions: fear, overwhelm, anxiety.  There is so much in the cleanup process that you cannot control. You cannot change what has happened, or minimize the extent of the cleanup, but you can do what needs to be done that day. Getting the right team in there today is the best way to get things will be back to normal.

The fire damage cleanup team at Premier Construction will be there immediately after a fire to begin clean up. In Greenville, the fire damage cleanup experts at Premier Construction are dedicated to safe construction and restoration projects. The integrity of your property relies on how quickly the fire damage cleanup process begins after the fire is out; lingering soot and smoke will damage your home even more if not cleaned up right away.

For Fire Damage Cleanup In Greenville

Fires happen fast. In Anderson County, Premier Construction is a full-service restoration company dedicated to fire prevention and quality fire damage cleanup after disasters. Premier Restoration is a locally owned and operated company serving Belton, Greenville and the surrounding areas.