3 Common Mistakes Homeowners Do Following Fire Damage And Cleanup

Without the proper training, certification, and experience, you can actually cause more damage to your Greenville home following a fire. We know that may sound dramatic, seeing as fire damage is normally pretty catastrophic, but it really is true. At Premier Construction we have seen it all. We know how devastating fire damage is, and we also know how much worse it can be when not cleaned up properly. That is why we have decided to tell you the three most common mistakes homeowners make when they try to clean up after fire damage on their own, so you can avoid any extra damages and get on the right track for fire damage cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup In Greenville 

  1. They begin to attempt cleanup and repairs before notifying their insurance company

Your homeowners insurance will need to send an agent to come inspect your property before any cleanup begins. They need proof of damage and loss, so if you attempt to begin to clean and remove byproducts of a fire before everything has been documented, you risk losing some coverage. Do not even begin to throw things away until you have been authorized to do so by your insurance adjuster. You should also inspect your entire property, and make a detailed written list of any and all damage you find. Take plenty of photos to show proof of damage and keep track of inventory. Most policies require damaged property to be available for inspection, so until a detailed inventory has been taken, just hold tight.  

  1. They fail to secure their home to prevent additional damage

It is important to take every precaution possible after a fire to mitigate further damage to your property. Temporary repairs and securities need to be put in place. If your roof has been damaged, you should tarp it or find another means of covering it so that further damage cannot get into your home. Damaged or broken windows, doors, and any other opening to your home need to be boarded up and secured. These temporary repairs are necessary in protecting your home from any other damage – whether it is damage from weather (rain, wind, etc.) or damage from intruders (animals or humans). Failing to secure your home after it has become susceptible to other forms of damage will just end up costing you more in the long run. 

  1. They do not hire a professional to handle the cleanup, repair, and restoration.

Whether the damage is small or catastrophic, fire damage cleanup requires special training and equipment to adequately remove dangerous smoke, soot, ash, and the odors they all leave behind. Professional fire damage cleanup and remediation includes many steps to restore your home the right way. At PRC, we know that the integrity of your property relies on how quickly the cleanup and restoration process begins after the fire is out, and that is why we respond immediately to your emergency. Our team is properly trained in safe cleanup and restoration techniques, and we have the right equipment and tools to handle the job correctly. Don’t fall victim to any of these common mistakes, and let PRC take care of you and your home following any type of fire damage.