Fire Hazards That Lead To Restoration

Fire Hazards That Lead To Restoration

Fire damage is one of the most devastating events for both homes and businesses. Thankfully, there are whole teams ready to assist with fire damage cleanup and restoration like those at Premier Restoration.

Fire Hazards To Be Aware Of:

  • Faulty electrical wiring-It’s more difficult to check wiring that live inside walls, but you CAN check wiring in open areas around your home like on lamps, mixers, blenders, etc. Check for splits or cracks on the protective coating and be sure to replace the item, or wrap electrical tape around the damaged area. 
  • Dryer lint-Always empty the dryer lint trap before putting another load through. Dryer lint is extremely flammable. The more it builds up, the higher the risk of a fire damage incident. 
  • Candles-Never leave candles unattended! This is especially true if you have pets or children running around the house. If you light a candle and get on with housework, remember to check on in periodically. Always remember if you’ve lit something!
  • Stove tops-Whether you have a gas or electric stove, make sure you have removed flammable materials from the area. This includes, paper towels, dish cloths, cookbooks, etc. 
  • Hair tools-Remember to unplug hair irons after use. 
  • Cooking-The most common house fires start in the kitchen. Never leave pans and pots unattended. Burning food can most definitely catch fire! When cooking with oil, heat the pan to a responsible temperature. Oil that gets too hot will begin to burn, and especially because it’s oil, will catch fire. If this happens, refrain from throwing water on it. This will cause the flames to jump higher, thus allowing the fire to become too big for you to control on your own. The best way to extinguish an oil fire is to turn off the heat and cover it with a lid or damp towel, or vice versa.
  • Panhandles– Keep pan handles turned inward as opposed to outward. This is to keep your little one’s safe from severe burns.

In any case, if there’s fire that gets out of control, immediately leave the building and call 911. Emergency response personnel are trained to maintain and extinguish large fires safely.

How Does Fire Damage Restoration Work?

If you need fire damage restoration, teams of professionals, like those at Premier Restoration, will go through the process that follows:

  1. Boarding up and tarping the home/building-This process protects from looters and further damage due to weather.
  2. Smoke and odor removal- Specialists go through an odor removal process that involves treatments and replacements of smoke damaged areas.
  3. Soot cleanup- They will also clean and restore soot affected areas such as walls and ceilings.
  4. Fire damage restoration- This involves strengthening any structural damage done to the home. Beams, sheet rock, and all the basic elements of the room will be restored, bringing it back to what it was before the incident occurred. 

Since you’re now more informed on what goes on during fire damage restoration, as well as how you can prevent fires in your own home, find peace in knowing that you are in good hands if a fire incidents occur.