Musty Smells And Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration greenville sc, water damage repair greenville sc, water damage cleanup greenville scLeaky pipes, a damaged roof, high humidity, and exposed dirt in the crawlspace may all contribute to moisture buildup. This moisture combined with the stagnant air and dark corners can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. You might smell a whiff or mushrooms or wet paper — It’s difficult to describe in words but the term “musty” gets the point across. 

Both old and new have issues with mold and mildew. Older houses develop leaks over time while new houses are built so airtight that they trap too much moisture inside. To decrease water damage restoration costs, pay attention to your nose for signs.

Water Damage Restoration In Greenville SC

Does “Musty” Always Mean Mold?

Well, it does mean that something is not right. That characteristic smell is caused by the presence of either mold or mildew; which are both fungi and grow in the presence of moisture.

Mildew is a powdery or thin, downy surface growth most often found on plant materials: fruits vegetables, flowers, plant leaves). 

Molds are usually thicker and can cause more structural damage since their “roots” penetrate deeper into the surface of the material. Molds are more also commonly found on porous building materials like walls and flooring. Organ materials like clothes and paper also harbor mold. 

A difference between moldy and musty odors is in the perceived strength of the smell; musty odors are usually not as strong as moldy odors. Sometimes a home or basement is musty from other sources. Pet odors, VOCs and other chemicals from carpets, furniture or other items may also contribute to a stuffy, musty house. However, since both moldy and musty odors suggest mold growth, take action quickly when you notice an odor to prevent extensive damage to your home.

Notice The Timing…

You may notice more of a musty smell in the basement as warm, humid air condenses on cool basement surfaces – feeding mildew growth.If you go on vacation and come back to a musty house, odds are it’s just a bit of mildew or stale bits. Open windows or kick on filters or fans to get air moving and disperse the stale smell. But, since moisture feeds mold growth, if your house smells musty after a rain, water is going where it shouldn’t. Get the water damage restoration experts at Premier Construction team over to inspect the house for water damage.

Manage Moisture Immediately

If you are not able to thoroughly dry everything within 48 hours it’s likely that mold will begin to grow in the areas that are still damp. Pet accidents and drink spills that are not properly cleaned will seep deep into carpet padding and even the subfloor of a room. These odors can linger for years if never properly cleaned. Stagnant air from closed rooms often carries the smell. Airflow is vital to keeping a home smelling fresh– open the doors and windows for a fresh breath of air. 

If you have a house full of water, call a full-service water damage restoration company to rescue your home and restore your sanity. If you only smell a suspicious odor, call our water damage restoration experts to come investigate. If you have hidden water damage, the team will find and remedy the problem. In Greenville SC, our water damage restoration experts at Premier Construction are dedicated to safe construction and restoration projects.