How To Keep Employees Safe As They Return To Work Post Covid-19

How To Keep Employees Safe As They Return To Work Post Covid-19


In the coming weeks, the inevitable is going to happen, things are going to get worse before they get better. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. There are millions of employees working from home currently, and they are going to trust that employers have properly sanitized the workplace upon their return. As a second responder, I don’t blame them. We are relied upon to continue as usual, with additional protective equipment of course. We see people that are sick on a daily basis, and we trust our employer to provide us with the necessary equipment to keep us safe. Your employees will do the same.

The CDC recommends that any high traffic facilities be professionally cleaned by EPA Approved solutions. As the next few weeks pass us by, there will be thousands of individuals infected. Currently, only high-risk patients are being tested for COVID-19. There is a huge lack of tests, so we know there are thousands more infected that have not been diagnosed. Therefore, we can assume COVID-19 is lingering on millions of surfaces.

The NEW YORK TIMES, yes you heard that right, just released a survey yesterday stating that our County ranked #1 in the entire United States for counties ignoring the Stay At Home Order. Infection rates will be thriving here in the next few weeks.

So, now that we know the likely hood of being exposed is high, how can we keep our facilities and employees safe? The government is hoping we hit peak soon (I am guessing within the next 4-6 weeks). Once the peak hits, the regression will follow. During the regression, the need for disinfecting will increase, and there is not going to be enough manpower or EPA Approved solutions to clean all of the contaminated surfaces. Let’s not be procrastinators in the Upstate. The time to prepare is NOW. Schedule your cleaning by professionals. Let’s be prepared to get back to normal.

We may have ranked #1 in the United States for ignoring the Stay At Home Order, but let’s also be ranked #1 for the best response to fight COVID-19. Because let’s be honest, there are lives at stake.