Greenville County Water Damage From Spring Rain

water damage cleanup greenville county, water damage greenville county, water damage restoration greenville county, eAs the temperatures begin to rise, the rain continues to fall in South Carolina. And while our trees and flowers rejoice, your home may not. This is a vulnerable time of the year for water damage. Here are some areas to check on now, while you have time to make plans for water damage cleanup and repairs:

General Pre-Storm Maintenance

Maintain your existing gutter system. Well planned gutters support your roof to protect your home.  Next time it rains, grab an umbrella and inspect your gutters to make sure they are catching and directing all that water away from your home. When debris such as leaves, sticks, and dirt are trapped in gutters, water is blocked from running freely or dump the rain right next to your foundation.

Keep storm drains in the street clear. Every home’s lawn should slope towards the street. Consider installing french drains to get the water away from your foundation and out to your street where it belongs. This will help keep water away from your home and minimize the water damage cleanup process. 

Ensure the sump pump is working. When moisture accumulates in a basement, the sump pump will collect water which is especially useful in areas where the basement is below the water table level. Sump pumps can sit unused for months or years at a time, but when called to action they fail; test it to make sure it works.  

Mend any foundation cracks; a solid barrier between the interior and the exterior of your home is key in preventing spring flooding. Visually inspect your outside pipes for leaks and damage, especially the outside faucet at the wall.

Keep your home safe from excess water around the perimeter. Ensure the exterior materials of your home are properly constructed and maintained. Inspect the thin metal strip around doors, windows, thresholds, chimneys and roofs; flashing is designed to seal spaces where two different building surfaces meet. Clothes dryer, gable, attic and exhaust vents should all have hoods and exhaust to the exterior.  

After A Storm Hits

As always– safety first. Never enter a basement with standing water. Be aware of any electrical risks. If you haven’t unplugged and your appliances, electric cords or even outlets are submerged, don’t attempt it now. The electricity can charge the standing water, and you could be electrocuted. 

Storm water is even harder on electrical components than clean water, but any wet appliances should be looked at by a professional. Wait for the water damage team from Premier Construction to assess.

Water Damage Cleanup In Greenville County  

If you have experienced water damage, you need a full-service restoration company to rescue your home and restore your sanity. Premier Restoration is dedicated to safe construction and water damage cleanup projects in Greenvile County. Call to dispatch the team right away!

The competent team will arrive quickly with the best equipment, best techniques, and the best attitude for your stressful situation. Don’t suffer attempting to clean up with substandard products– have the professionals clean up any affected areas immediately.