Water Problems from Leaky Windows

Water Problems from Leaky Windows

Hurricanes and freak rain storms always make the news cycle. Dramatic scenes of trash dumpsters floating down the streets and huge trees blocking the roads are shocking. However, you are much more likely to suffer water damage in your home from simple leaky windows. 

Water intrusion from a window leak can cause major damage to a home since the damage can go undetected for months or years. By the time you realize the cause,  you might have thousands of dollars in repairs. Not only are the windows and sill damaged, but you might also have more Issues such as ceilings, walls, drywall, flooring, insulation, cabinets, and other interior finishes.  If your windows’ sills are damp or water has leaked inside, you risk unhealthy mold growth even inside walls where you can’t see it. Water can also warp your home’s floors and damage your home’s walls and ceiling. Water damage in windows is usually related to one of three reasons that we at Premier Restoration would like to highlight for you.


Maybe your home has charming Victorian windows, mid century modern lines, or 1970’s ranch-style. No matter the style, the windows need maintenance. Keeping windows, doors and a home in top shape requires some work– some easy and some more complicated:

  • Check the exterior windows and door casings each year for peeled or damaged caulk.
  • Remove any damaged caulking and clean the frame of the window before recaulking the area
  • Check the window mechanics for broken mechanisms
  • Broken or missing caulking at the window flange and at seams.
  • Cracked glazing putty—the glass seal will be broken and allow for moisture and condensation to get between double-glazed windows.
  • No paint seal—paint should slightly overlap from the window molding to the glass to create a tight seal.
  • Clogged gutters – Avoidable with routine maintenance can direct water away


At every price point, poorly installed windows will allow water to get inside the windows. Cracked (or missing) insulation and seals must be corrected. Using building paper or house wrap instead of specially designed window flashing will allow water to seep behind the paper and into the wall area around the windows. Undersized windows for the space that leave gaps and spaces for water to get in.

Design Flaws

Sometimes, water damage via windows is a result of poor design–of the windows or the home. An inward angled fascia (which is the board running above the window horizontally) can channel water into the window exposing any weakness of the window or the seal. Lack of overhangs to drain water off the roof and protect wind-driven rainwater from entering through the windows.

Will Insurance Pay For Windows Or Water Damage?

Now you have a big problem. Can you expect help from your insurance agent? Insurance policies differ; many insurance companies will only cover and pay for the “ensuing damage” caused by the leaking windows. Usually, they will not pay for the actual repair of the window itself since window repairs are considered maintenance issues. If a window has aged and has incurred significant “wear & tear”, insurance will likely not cover it unless the window is directly damaged by an event. Our team has a lot of experience working with insurance claims and will work to get you the best possible settlement.