4 Reasons To Take Immediate Action After a Water Disaster

When water damages your home or business, it is extremely important to take immediate action. Standing water poses a significant threat to your property. Threats don’t come from just standing water though, wet floors, floorboards, walls, and ceilings all need to be thoroughly dried to contain the damage. Home and business owners often underestimate how much damage water causes. Here are 4 reasons why you should take immediate action after a water disaster and contact a professional team like Premier Construction And Restoration┬áif your property is damaged by water.

  1. Time And Money – The longer water sits and is allowed to soak into the structure of the property, the more damage is going to occur. Water spreads fast and soaks in deep to everything it comes in contact with. The longer water damage is left unattended, the bigger the problem is going to be to repair. It is going to take much longer to clean and restore and cost more money. It is always best to call a professional water damage repair team immediately after a water problem.
  2. Mold Damage – Water damage turns into mold damage quickly. It doesn’t take long. All mold needs is moisture, humidity, and a food source (practically any material) to grow. Mold often accompanies water damage but can be avoided if you take immediate action.
  3. Contamination – Water doesn’t always come from a clean source. Some water contains sewage or other harmful bacteria and contaminants that can cause illness and even death. Your property may be considered uninhabitable and unsafe – and you may not even know. Contacting a professional restoration company will help keep you safe and protected against health hazards.
  4. Security – When you take immediate action against water damage, you are being proactive about your future. Water damage restoration professionals will secure your property and make sure it is safe for future habitation. Water can cause major structural damage and make your property a safety risk, professionals will ensure the stability and safety of each portion of your property to make sure you and any future occupants are safe.