Water Damage Cleanup In Greenville County

water damage cleanup greenville county, water damage professionals greenville county, water damage restoration greenville countyWater. It’s stuff necessary for survival. It cleans, hydrates, and aids in keeping the population healthy. Unfortunately, it also plays a major role in damaging and destroying property. Every year, many suffer from water-related disasters. These accidents are seldom expected, or prepared for. Water damage alone causes billions of dollars in property losses annually. Thankfully, around 93% of water related damages or losses can be prevented!

Causes Of Water Damage And Preventative Measures

Leaky roofs, backed up sewage systems, and broken pipes are just a few catalysts of water damage. Ceilings develop convex curvatures, new life forms begin to grow, and the basement just became a pristine pond. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? The answer is probably a resounding “NO”. Anywhere there is water, there is potential for damage. How can this scene be prevented? Regular maintenance on the part of the homeowner is key. 

    • Periodically check washing machine hoses. A lot of water flows through frequently used home appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, etc.)  
    • Detach outside water hoses before weather hits freezing temperatures. Water expands when frozen. When the water expands, the pipes need to expand often resulting in bloated, broken pipes. 
    • It’s always a good idea to shut off the water when going out of town for an extended period of time. Taking this precaution ensures no “little surprises” upon return. 
    • Regularly check the roof. Make sure gutters are clear of debris. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year.
    • Inspect landscape. Plant roots play a huge part in breaking pipes. Be wary of planting trees or foliage around main water pipes. It may be necessary in some cases to remove plants with strong, well-established root systems. 

Professional Inspections

Often times, slow leaks behind walls and in ceilings go undetectable until it’s too late. Be on the look out for discoloration, warping, sagging, and bulging. Do not attempt to remove pieces of dry wall without first having a professional come and inspect the affected area. The professional will have the tools to inspect the amount of moisture and dehumidify the affected area, as well as detect other unforeseen problems such a mold buildup. 

Fast Action

Once a problem is identified, quick action is necessary! Water damage comes in all different shapes and sizes, but all can be just as catastrophic. Cleaning up standing water is not as simple as grabbing some old towels, mopping up the drippy mess, and setting up fans. Because water has the reputation of being absorbed, many believe the mess has been all cleaned up, when really there is a bigger mess waiting to happen. Contact a professional as soon as possible! Water removal, and a proper drying process is a project most homeowners do not have the tools to accomplish. One must be mindful of structural damage, mold buildup, bacteria growth, and viruses, among many others. 

Mold And Bacteria

One of the top ten leading causes of poor health in the home is contributed to the quality of the environment. Because mold and bacteria are not often simple to detect, families spend extended amounts of time ingesting the harmful spores and particles that are released by mold and bacteria. This leads to a plethora of health problems. If there has been a history of water damage recently in the home, contact a professional, such as those at Premier Restoration. They will bring the equipment necessary to decontaminate and sanitize areas hazardous to individual and family health. 

Professional Help In Greenville County

In the case of a water emergency, remember to act fast and call Premier Restoration in Greenville County! Always contact a professional to assist in water cleanup. Continually keep in mind the unforeseen problems associated with water damage. Participate in taking preventative measures to ensure a safe and healthy home.