Breaking It All Down: The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Watching the flames on a campfire can be mesmerizing. The way the colors change and the flames move is relaxing and even therapeutic. Its heat gives a sense of comfort. Watching the flames on a house fire though is the exact opposite. It is devastating. The way the fire consumes all, leaving nothing free from its damage, is overwhelming and destructive. Its heat gives a sense of total loss. The damage that follows seems beyond repair. You do not need to feel hopeless, lost, or alone. Premier Restoration has worked on all types of fire damage restoration jobs, and our team is trained in proper cleanup and restoration techniques. 

Our fire damage restoration process consists of 5 steps, each done in order to reverse the damage in your home so that you can get your life back to normal. We are always standing by, 24/7, to answer your call with emergency response services. Once on the scene, we will assess the extent of the damage and come up with a plan of action to immediately start the cleanup and repair process.


Step 1: Emergency Board-Up and Tarping

Holes in walls, ceilings, and floors can allow additional damage into your home. Wind, rain, animals, and vandals are all able to enter your home if not boarded and tarped correctly. To prevent further loss and damage, this first step is crucial. Nothing is safe in a home left open or unprotected.

Step 2: Fire, Smoke, and Soot Cleanup

The cleanup part of the restoration process begins with removal of smoke, dust, and soot from surfaces of your home. After sustaining fire damage, your property will look dark, stained, and charred. Even walls and surfaces that were not in the same room as the fire can be damaged and dirty. Special cleaning agents and equipment must be used to adequately remove soot and smoke. Our team is trained in proper cleanup and has the equipment and tools necessary to get everything cleaned as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Water Mitigation

In an attempt to extinguish the fire, most homes will also ensue water damage. Any time there has been water damage, there is potential for mold. Because we are a full-service restoration company, we can handle water damage and any mold remediation that happen due to fire-fighting efforts.

Step 4: Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke leaves lingering odors than can travel throughout the entire home. Smoke can permeate walls and surfaces leaving unseen odors. Our professionals will neutralize and remove odor from your home, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean and making the air quality safe and breathable.

Step 5: Repair and Restoration

The final step is making all the repairs, and restoring all the damaged parts of your home. We will dispose of items that are too badly damaged to be repaired, and fix those that are still functional. We can rebuild, refinish, and replace everything in your home from cabinets to carpet to drywall. The purpose of this step is to get your home looking as good as new so that your life can return to normal. Because we also offer renovation and reconstruction services, we guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations.