5 Ways Untreated Water Damage Causes Structural Harm

water damage cleanup anderson county, water damage repair anderson countyAlmost every home or business experiences water damage at some point during its lifetime. It’s easy to understand the necessity of treating big water damage disasters that make your home or business unuseable, but sometimes, homeowners and business owners let small water damage events or water damage that happens slowly over a long period of time slide by untreated because they’re easy to ignore and the home or business still somewhat functional without addressing the damage. Whether the water damage is big or small, avoiding dealing with it immediately can cause significant structural harm to the building over time. Premier Restoration serving Anderson County are here to explain five different ways untreated water damage causes structural harm to your home or business.


Drywall takes a blow when it comes in contact with it. Water causes it to become fragile and brittle and then swell. As a result of this, drywall becomes moldy and causes your walls to mold. This means that your home or business will smell bad and those near it will be exposed to the various health risks of mold.


Unwanted water causes your pipes to corrode over time. After your pipes are corroded, they can begin to leak. This means your home or business has even more water damage issues on your hands.


When water is in places it shouldn’t be, it could come in contact with your electrical system. This is very dangerous. Water damages your circuits and leads to electrical shorts that can be a big fire hazard. So if you let water damage go untreated, you run the risk of not only having water damage issues, but you run the risk of having fire damage issues, too.


Water damaging your ceilings can make them bulge. Paint will likely discolor, and your ceiling lights may be damaged, too. If water is in contact with your ceilings long enough, it will probably mold.


When carpet is exposed to water for long periods of time, it begins to fall apart and break down. The padding beneath the carpet will also break down. As the carpet and padding collect moisture, they can mold. Then you have to pay to replace the carpets in addition to paying for the water damage cleanup.


Wood soaks up water, so your wooden floors suffer when water is where it isn’t supposed to be. It can warp and change shapes, making it so your wooden floor doesn’t serve its purpose as good as it should.

Obviously, all of these structural issues to your home or business are not anything you want to deal with. That’s why it’s really important that you don’t let water damage sit around, even if it’s only a little because a little water can lead to a lot of damage to your home that is very expensive to repair. Because of this, it is in your best interest to deal with all water damage issues in your home or business as soon as possible. Contact a local water damage cleanup business to assist you. If you live in Anderson County, contact Premier Restoration.